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The W-2 and How to Get It

Key corporations in the job market have advised changing of jobs as a very vital action to consider after certain periods of time for a better career.This is because of the exposure that allows you to acquire new skills that are very effective to building your expertise in whatever field that you specialize in.For a person who will have to change jobs frequently in their career period, it is important to remember some details that have to be paid attention to when switching jobs. The main agenda discussed here is pertaining an official document that is identified as the W-2 form.

This is a federal tax form that is given by employers stating the total amount of money paid to an employee per year.It is required by the internal revenue service for every employer to file this document which the employee shall use to determine if at one point in the year, they will be required to pay or get refunds. This form also specifies to your new employer the amount of money paid for your health insurance. It is also a contributing factor in the calculation of retirement benefits.

With the vitality of this document well explained, we can now move on to see the means via which one can acquire it. The first and obvious means would be to contact your payroll administrator so as to request your W_2.Provide your contact information preferably your email address which is convenient when it comes to transfer of document type files. Ensure that you give the accurate address since any misinformation can result to a break in this chain of communication.

The alternative course of action would be to reach out to the IRS, if the first step proved fruitless.This step is only recommended if your company has been continually unresponsive to your emails and calls. The IRS will need you to submit the Employer Identification Number that the company you had been working with is assigned.This information can be taken from W-2 documents issued in previous years or the last pay checks. The IRS will then address your employer in their authority , with a notice that reminds them of their mandate to give W-2 forms to their employees.These two steps often overcome any challenges that you might face when it comes to getting your W-2 document.

There is an alternative to the W-2 form called the 4853 form, that one can use to file taxes just in case the first two steps do not work out. This form can be found on the IRS website. Remember to ensure that the details on both documents matches, otherwise you might have to effect corrections on your tax returns by use of the 1040x form.

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