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I Have Some New Roommates

Of course I do not really care a lot about most things about a roommate. The one I had was Turkish and I liked him fine, although I sometimes did not really grasp the meaning of every word he said. If he got excited and started to speak rapidly I would usually just nod my head, but at any rate until last month he always paid his share of the rent and power bill. In fact he did not drink or smoke and he was always asleep before I was. Then I learned about bahis siteleri, or something like that. He seemed to have no vices, although I am pretty sure he had stuff on his computer like most guys are age. At any rate the only real vice he had turned out to be betting on soccer matches on this gambling site on the internet. That is what that term means in Turkish apparently. At any rate he told me that he had always done it, but in moderation.

Apparently his problem began with a hot streak. I do not really see how you bet on soccer to be honest. In the NBA for example there is a …