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EART20281 Atmospheric Physics & Weather

Atmospheric PhysicsThe Atmospheric Physics and Climate Group carries out weather and local weather analysis, finding out processes and phenomena associated to moist thermodynamics and the hydrologic cycle in the environment. A series of major hint constitutes within the ambiance (e.g. ozone, nitrogen dioxide, formaldehyde, aerosols) work together with incoming solar radiation attributed to extinction processes in the UV (extremely violet), VIS (visible) and NIR (near infrared) spectral area.

It makes appreciable use of high resolution weather prediction fashions for simulating actual atmospheric conditions, interpretation of recent observations and bringing them together to kind an image of the bodily mechanisms that govern the temporal evolution of weather events.

The Institute has been founded in 1992 and is member of the analysis association ‘ Wissenschaftsgemeinschaft Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (WGL) ‘. The institute is positioned close to the Baltic Sea resort Kühlungsborn and owns a separate website on the island Rügen, close to Juliusruh.

Thrusts on this research area include initiatives that study the effects of worldwide change on the atmospheric mercury burden and mercury sequestration by way of adjustments in ecosystem carbon swimming pools, mercury depletion events in the troposphere and mid-latitudes, and the event of a new instrument: the Cavity Ring-Down Sensor for Real-Time Measurement of Atmospheric Mercury Concentrations and Fluxes.

Cloud-radiation interactions are taken into consideration in detail by utilizing the values of cloud fraction and liquid, ice and snow water contents from the cloud scheme using the McICA (Monte Carlo Impartial Column Approximation) methodology (McRad, Morcrette et al. 2008).

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