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GeophysicsGeophysics is about “looking into” and understanding the Earth’s structure, its history and processes – based mostly on measurements of the Earth’s physical properties. Be a part of and take an active role in operating an EAGE and SEG pupil chapter in Aberdeen, our AAPG Geology Pupil Chapter , the Aberdeen Geological Society and the PESGB These active societies provide you with networking and studying opportunities through lecture sequence, fieldwork excursions and social events.

They probe for natural assets corresponding to oil, minerals and groundwater, and help solve environmental issues from natural hazards to air pollution monitoring and civil engineering. A level in geophysics from Wits is recognised internationally, and Wits Geophysics students have gone on to review at many alternative universities in the UK, America, Canada, Australia, and so on.

Achieve arms-on expertise in using business-commonplace software program and acquiring geophysical knowledge with our massive pool of geophysics equipment (including broadband seismometers, seismic reflection/refraction, ground penetrating radar, resistivity tomography, magnetometers and differential GPS).

In addition, there are associated prices of mobilization (since most geophysical surveys require acquisition of data within the subject), instrumentation amortization, data processing and interpretation, and report writing and presentation.

Wits Geophysics students have come from a wide range of nations apart from South Africa, including Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Cameroon, the Ukraine, Australia, the USA, Nice Britain, etc. Geophysicists take readings and measurements of features and anomalies and finds at varied elevations in an effort to create a 3D map for use by researchers and determination makers.

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