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List Of Scientific Journals

Science PublicationsPublications in our current and previous science collection. Nonetheless, calculating printed articles per capita, Switzerland becomes the world’s leading country, as a result of there are 2.5 printed scientific articles per 1,000 inhabitants, while in the U.S. there are 1.2 articles, and just one article in Germany (SBF 2007) 3 The identical image emerges if one applies the number of publications to the number of researchers.

Therefore, the best professor is a mix of fundraiser, venture manager, and mass publisher (either directly as writer, or as co-writer in publications written by staff of the establishment), whose predominant concern is measurable contribution to scientific excellence, somewhat than increasing our knowledge.

In the beginning of my career, no person took much notice of where you published, and then all the pieces changed in 1974 with Cell,” Randy Schekman, the Berkeley molecular biologist and Nobel prize winner, advised me. Cell (now owned by Elsevier) was a journal began by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to showcase the newly ascendant discipline of molecular biology.

In the mid-1970s, though, publishers started to meddle with the observe of science itself, starting down a path that may lock scientists’ careers into the publishing system, and impose the business’s personal requirements on the course of research.

The perverse incentives created by the peer-evaluation process ensure that the steadily growing variety of printed articles in scientific journals typically does not result in new or original insights and, due to this fact, many new concepts don’t present up in established journals.

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