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Maret 2011 ~ ANAK BUSUR

PaleogeographyThe picture on the left is the most present timescale for the Cretaceous Period. Fossil plants or their spores or pollen grains are increasingly useful in determining the age of rock layers or in correlating rock strata from one place to a different. The most important continent, Gondwana (Australia, India, China, and Antarctica), stretched from the equator to the South Pole.

The world maps of L. B. Rukhin (1959), N. M. Strakhov (1960), and M. Shvartsbakh (1961) identified substantial variations between the ancient climatic zonality and the trendy one. Among such maps were J. Marcou’s maps of the world and European Russia through the Jurassic interval (1860) and J. Dana’s map of North America during the Cretaceous (1863).

Probably most essential among the many causes of the Pleistocene glacial advances, nevertheless, are periodic modifications in photo voltaic power received (generally known as insolation) on the high of Earth’s environment. When the main focus is specifically on the examine of landforms , the time period paleogeomorphology is usually used instead.

Offshore, sedimentation is mostly marine, sourced by the collided Caribbean terranes, localized islands and carbonate deposition. The branch of science dealing with the bodily geographic circumstances of the geologic past; the part of historic geology that provides details about the development of the earth’s crust and of the earth as a complete.

On the basis of those maps he formulated very important conclusions about the motion of the earth’s crust inside the boundaries of the Russian plain and coordinated the motion with the event of adjacent mountain systems. That is the first source of details about the previous places of continents, nevertheless it offers no indication of longitude.

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