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Vertebrate PaleontologyBelow are quick hyperlinks to the home pages (in alphabetical order) for over 300 journals that publish papers of curiosity to vertebrate paleontologists of all specialties. In fashionable occasions, Alfred Romer (1894-1973) wrote what has been termed the definitive textbook on the subject, known as Vertebrate Paleontology 7 It shows the development of evolution in fossil fish, and amphibians and reptiles by way of comparative anatomy, together with a listing of all the (then) identified fossil vertebrate genera Romer turned the first president of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology in 1940, alongside co-founder Howard Chiu.

The 1998 switch of the University of Cincinnati paleontology collection (begun in 1907) to the Museum and an intensive program of analysis-oriented excavations has created the lower Ohio Valley’s largest vertebrate fossil assortment, numbering approximately 30,000 specimens (over 8,000 of which are at the moment catalogued on the Museum’s KeEMu database server).

The fifth assortment (UF/IGM) is maintained for specimens collected in Colombia by joint expeditions of personnel from the Florida Museum of Pure Historical past, the Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Geologico-Mineras (Bogota, Colombia), and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute.

Current paleontological analysis on the Academy of Pure Sciences is targeted on Late Devonian-age fossils (375 to 365-million-years-previous) from the Catskill Formation in northern Pennsylvania and from the Okse Bay Group within the Nunavut Territory of the Canadian Arctic.

Vertebrate paleontology covers every thing from the tiny, fish-like creatures that first developed backbones, to the salamander-like ancestors of all land vertebrates, to dinosaurs, mammals, flying and swimming reptiles, mastodons, marsupials, and each animal in between that has ever had the distinguishing characteristic of a vertebral column and the great luck to be preserved in rock.

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