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How to Safeguard your Child Online

A kid will act in a certain way mostly from what they see their parents doing. They especially learn most of what they do from them, which is of more concern. It is the responsibility of the parents to teach their kids proper values and the way to act responsibly. In today’s world, it is inevitable that technology, and especially the internet will have to be discussed and properly handled. We tend to get so much from the internet. No other information and communication tool in our history compares. But to use it well, one has to be responsible about it. Your kid will inevitably access the internet, which makes it your job to ensure they do so properly when the time comes. Here are the points that need to be driven home.

You need to show them what constitutes bad behavior, and what good behavior looks like. The same approach you use to show them right from wrong in other areas of life applies here as well. They should know how bad cyberbullying happens to be. Tell them why they need to avoid ever hurting others online. The same thing happening to them would not be a pleasant experience. They should learn to be kind to others. When they see a positive way of navigating the internet, any negative and malicious influences shall not stick.

You need to put in place parental controls and find a kid-friendly search engine. This shall help you keep tabs on the websites your child visits. This is also how they will have no ability to go to bad sites. They need to know of the good sites they can visit and what info they can freely share. By putting too much info out there, they put themselves in grave danger.

You then need to teach the older kids some of the laws that touch on online behavior. They shall get to understand the gravity of harassing others online, for example. Another example is the grave consequence of them sharing nude photos with friends. That is seen as a violation of the child pornography laws, and could earn them the unenviable title of a sex offender. They may have been cheeky, under peer pressure, or going through blackmail, but they will now pay for it for the rest of their lives. Let them be free enough to tell you about it the moment it happens.

You should at all times set a good example. What you do goes further than what you say. By observing how you prioritize those internet access gadgets, they shall form some strong baseline behaviors. Do better.

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