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The Oil Mining Process.

Upon drilling oil comes out of the ground as crude oil that has to be refined through scientific processes to come up with the different components of oil that we have today. Crude oil does not just happen to be there, its formed by dead organisms undergoing decomposition over millions of years deep into the earth. The earth experiences some movement under the plates and in result the movements trap oil and natural gas between the reservoir rocks.

Oil drilling companies have contributed to making the world what it is today, without them the energy industry wouldn’t be as we know it. They are responsible for the exploration and also the extracting of this precious resource from the earth. Extraction of oil is a process that starts with geologist exploring potential mining areas and finding the location of the oil. To find oil is determined by the geologist pinpointing areas that have god conditions that could trap oil. Gravilty could pin point the direction in which the oil is flowing for this reason the geologist needs to observe and measure the changes that occur in the earth’s gravity. 3D and 4D seismic imaging can also be used in the locating of oil in the reservoir rocks of the earth. This imaging is capable of sending shocks into the hidden rocks deep into the earth.

To understand the results of this kind of imaging the reflection of the waves are analyzed . If the area is found to have potentially lucrative deposits of oil, the coordinates of the area are marked so that extraction of oil can begin, if the area is over water body it is marked with a buoys Oil drilling is not as simple as just starting the moment the area is located. The geologists will conduct and present reports of environment impact and they will mark the perimeter of the area as well. The oil company will proceed to get the rights that allows them to break ground and start mining. When all the rights and titles have been obtained the company can comfortably begin and it starts with clearing of trees and any obstructions to the area. Access roads are constructed to enable ease of moving machinery in and out of the area when needed.

Water is needed for the drilling process, is there is no water on site then the company has to drill a borehole. Disposal of the rock and mud from the drilling is necessary and that is why the company will dig pits prior for the dumping. A pit is dug around the main drilling area for easy access, after that actual drilling can begin.

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