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Vertebrate Paleontology Laboratory Assortment

Vertebrate PaleontologyDiscover the newest articles, projects, and questions and answers in Vertebrate Paleontology, and find Vertebrate Paleontology experts. Specimen rehousing and switch is expected to proceed by means of 2018, throughout which time large parts of the collections shall be unavailable for visitation and research. These creatures have held a particular fascination for people since ancient adventurers first discovered their bones and described them as giants, dragons and monsters.

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The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences’ Vertebrate Paleontology collections contain roughly 63,000 specimens. This work has already uncovered hundreds of new fossils that dramatically illustrate the diversity of life and the evolving ecosystems during this vital interval in earth historical past.

^ Jefferson, Thomas, “A Memoir on the Discovery of Certain Bones of a Quadruped of the Clawed Type in the Western Elements of Virginia”, Read earlier than the American Philosophical Society, March 10, 1797. Vertebrate Paleontology uses many instruments to unravel the fabric of time, morphology, physiology and evolution to higher understand how organisms are built, how they work and the way they alter over time.

Acknowledging the favored curiosity in vertebrate fossils and the necessity for exhibit and comparative materials, however, nicely-preserved specimens are collected from a broad vary of geologic horizons and geographic areas in step with the Museum’s role as a center of vertebrate paleontological research and training for the area.

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