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Mathematical BiologyThis course supplies an introduction to mathematical biology. Vector fields can have several special points: a secure point , referred to as a sink, that attracts in all directions (forcing the concentrations to be at a sure worth), an unstable point , either a supply or a saddle level , which repels (forcing the concentrations to change away from a certain value), and a restrict cycle, a closed trajectory towards which a number of trajectories spiral in the direction of (making the concentrations oscillate).

The aim of this course is to make use of computer systems to implement algorithms and to resolve various problems that can be stated when it comes to matrix-associated equations, and to understand the related matrix concept that underpins these algorithms.

DNA is at the core of explaining who we’re and the way we’re different and this module explores the position of DNA in transmitting data from technology to era, how that info is copied and used, and how that use is regulated.

The intention of this course is to introduce you to some organic phenomena and their formulation by way of mathematical fashions, which result in distinction equations and extraordinary differential equations, and to research the solutions of these equations.

Definition of Markov chains, probability vectors, and stochastic matrices, Connection between a Markov chain and a second order distinction equation, Very long time behaviour of a process described by a Markov chain, Random walk as a Markov chain, Absorbing and irreducible Markov chains.

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