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Atmospheric And Oceanic Sciences

Atmospheric ChemistryGases and particles are emitted into the environment from a wide range of sources, from tailpipes to bushes. The composition of Earth’s atmosphere has been altered by human actions comparable to gas burning and industrial manufacturing, and a variety of these adjustments are harmful to human well being, crops, and ecosystems Examples of problems that contain research in atmospheric chemistry include acid rain , photochemical smog, and international warming.

Presence of H2SO4 (related to SO2 from coal combustion) and HNO3 (from NO2) In the presence of lightning and thunderstorm, the nitrogen of the ambiance combines with oxygen to form nitric oxide (NO), which in turn combines with oxygen to give nitrogen dioxide.

Additionally, supports analysis on chemical reactions amongst atmospheric species; sources and sinks of essential trace gases and aerosols; transport of gases and aerosols all through the environment; atmospheric photochemistry, heterogeneous reactions, aqueous-part chemistry and aerosol processes; and improved methods for measuring the concentrations of hint species and their fluxes into and out of the atmosphere.

The outcomes we acquire get rid of the discrepancy between experiment and principle under those situations the place experimental results are available, and we make predictions for the full vary of temperatures and pressures encountered within the troposphere and stratosphere.

The primary topic areas comprise atmospheric modelling, discipline measurements, remote sensing, and laboratory studies of gases, aerosols, clouds and precipitation, isotopes, radiation, dynamics, biosphere interactions, and hydrosphere interactions (for details see journal subject areas ). The journal scope is concentrated on studies with common implications for atmospheric science rather than investigations which are primarily of local or technical curiosity.

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