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Micropaleontology PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships

MicropaleontologyMicropaleontology was “the examine of the fossil records on the microscopic stage”, and a branch of paleontology A scientist who studied on this area was referred to as a micropaleontologist. three- Nektobenthonic organisms: a group of organisms live on the ocean flooring, and so they have the ability to swim for short distance above the bottom. 6- They are used to know the traditional diseases that were dominating in historical time by look at different sort of fossils.

We’ve equipment and expertise in plankton sampling with plankton nets and vertical fluorescence profiling, as well as all aspects of marine sediment sampling and processing for micropaleontological analyses, together with palynological pattern preparation.

We continuously use their articles offering most precious information on occurrence, biology and identification of foraminifera. Microfossils are fossils generally smaller than 1 mm Their examine requires the usage of light or scanning electron microscopy. He established the micropaleontology laboratory at BHU and initiated both educating and analysis programme in micropaleontology and paleoceanography.

The group co-operates with research communities in Norway, in plenty of European countries, and within the USA and Russia. Journal of Foraminiferal Research 31:77-seventy eight. Together with researchers from e.g. the Biology Division at UiO, the group is presently concerned in establishing a Strategic Research Group (Utviklingsmiljø”) in Marine Life Science (MarLiS) at the MN School.

As well as, it called Shallow marine zone”, and it thought-about as a richest zone of various organisms that reside in. Moreover, this space can be divided into two zones: infralittoral zone, which extends to 100 meters, and circalittoral zone, which extends from a hundred – 200 m. Furthermore, on this space, some actions, akin to base currents, storms’ waves and temperature changes.

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