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Vertebrate Paleontology, Geology, And Geochronology Of The Tapera De López And Scarritt Pocket, Chubut Province,

Vertebrate PaleontologyYesterday marked the start of the third Subject Faculty module, Vertebrate Paleontology, taught by Dr. Doug Boyer of Duke University. POSTER: Pupil Interns, Museum Exhibits and Cave Constructing; Oh my: Classes Discovered Throughout a School-Museum Collaborative Partnership, Erik G. Ozolins1, Alton C. Dooley, Jr.2 & Brett S. Dooley3, 1Mt. The Final Two Million Years Of Human Evolution. The collections he made over a period spanning three decades included discoveries that might highlight the importance of the fossil report from Nova Scotia for future analysis in vertebrate paleontology.

POSTER: Fossil Tortoises of Southeastern Arizona, with an Earliest Pleistocene Range Enlargement of Gopherus, Larry Thrasher, Bureau of Land Administration, Safford, AZ. One of many finest collections of its variety in Canada, it comprises greater than 50,000 specimens, and is actively utilized by researchers and students.

POSTER: A New Triassic Bonebed from the Bears Ears Region of Utah, Robert J. Gay1, Xavier A. Jenkins2, Andrew R.C. Milner3, Nathan E. van Vranken4, Dylan M. Dewitt5, Taormina Lepore6, 1Museums of Western Colorado: Dinosaur Journey, Fruita, CO, 2College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, 3St.

The “shifting wall” represents the time interval between the final difficulty available in JSTOR and essentially the most recently printed concern of a journal. Evolution of the full variety of citations and journal’s self-citations obtained by a journal’s printed documents during the three previous years.

Copies are available by e-mailing the librarian; prices appear to be around $0.20 per page (I do not know if this includes delivery). For instance, if the present yr is 2008 and a journal has a 5 yr shifting wall, articles from the year 2002 are available.

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